Mercy and Compassion

Mercy Ministry

The role of a deacon is to fill a need to relieve the responsibilities of the elders.  The heart of a deacon is to plead the cause of the afflicted and the needy (Jeremiah 22:13-16) through generous giving of time and resources (Deuteronomy 15:7-10).  At Spirit and Truth this includes calls and visitations to those who are sick or have missed church.  It involves transportation and providing meals for those in need and ministering to people from the deacon fund.  Lastly, deacons minister during the service and church events through setting up and cleaning up, greeting people, praying for and taking the offering and administering the elements of communion

To contact our Mercy Ministry Coordinator, Todd Curyto, click here.

Compassion Ministry

Compassion Ministry is a counseling and spiritual growth ministry for the people of Spirit and Truth Fellowship( its members and regular attendees). Its purpose is to create a place for care and nurture of souls trained by people from the church, using their gifts in a small, one-on-one environment that is safe and confidential. Our vision for Compassion Ministry is in keeping with the Mission Statement of the church, “to build up believers to maturity in Christ and through its power at work in us seek community transformation in Hunting Park and beyond.” Staffed by church members who work together as a team. Compassion Ministry has three components- Pastoral Care; Spiritual Direction; and Biblical Counseling from a psychosocial perspective.

To contact our Compassion Ministry Coordinator, Shinika St. Cyr, click here.