Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from STF Children
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Nursery Lesson: June 7, 2020
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Hi Children’s Church! This is Sabbath Sunday. Instead of a review game, we will review a lesson we already learned about by watching a video. Have a great day! -Ms. Meredith
Nursery: 5-31-2020
Nursery Lesson: 5/24/2020

Dear STF Parents,
I found a great bible lesson on YouTube by Life Kids Bible Adventure. It’s very interactive! Your children will be encouraged to memorize scripture and learn beautiful truths about Jesus.
Emily, the main character of the lesson, goes on an adventure to answer a particular question. She receives three picture passes to help her along the way. I’ve been using clip art to print out the particular picture passes for each lesson and then I give them to the kids to put in their “adventure bags,” but if a printer isn’t available, you can draw them.
We decided to begin with the story of Daniel since the adults are studying Daniel as well.
Hope you find this to be as helpful and fun as I have!
Children’s Church: Don’t forget to keep practicing the books of the Bible!! Here is one of our favorite videos 🙂
5-17-2020 Nursery Lesson
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